The Colosimo 5

Based on the criminal dockets of our five clergy, who are by now certainly hoping to be forgiven for their trespasses, some are being charged with more than defiant trespass.  Let us now open to the book of “court”, chapter “docket”, verse “summary” and read the great words:

  1. Mimi Copp
  2. Melissa DeLong
  3. Isaac Miller
  4. Phil Jones
  5. Yitzahk Nates

Going a bit far?  Maybe.  But consider these people set out for headlines, in order to smear a man’s reputation and destroy his business.  They are trying to intimidate him into turning on his customers.  So for these five, I am happy to lend my Google-fu to making sure anyone who searches on them finds their arrest record.

Yitzhak Nates, Melissa Delong, and and Isaac Miller are being charged with three counts.

  1. Defiant Trespassing Posted, Third Degree Misdemeanor
  2. Criminal Conspiracy to engage in Defiant Trespass, Third Degree Misdemeanor
  3. Disorderly Conduct, Third Degree Misdemeanor if defiant, Summary offense otherwise.

Mimi Copp and Phil Jones are only being charged with Defiant Trespassing.  I guess sometimes it pays to be a follower rather than a leader. Now, I would note these folks are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, but is Colosimo really enough of a bad guy to defecate on his property rights in such a manner?  Generally it’s a bad idea to provoke a confrontation with police when the police are customers of the guy you’re protesting.

4 thoughts on “The Colosimo 5”

  1. These vermin only infest what they consider weak hosts. Colosimo is close to 80, there’s none to replace him when he finally retires and closes up, so when his shop is shuttered, these dung beetles will crow that they had something to do with it. I can’t help wondering if they’d protest a shop with black owner.

  2. These three men and two women…and the 7 men who got arrested on Thursday deserve respect. They are doing their part to make sure not another child is taken away in a coffin due to illegal gun sales and trades.

    Colosimo acknowledged that a significant number of handguns sold at his shop have been discovered to have been used in crimes.

    Some reputation. Colosimo’s “values profits over the lives of others,” City Solicitor Shelley Smith wrote in a legal filing last year. “At best, Colosimo’s knowingly continued its abysmally poor business practices after repeatedly being notified by ATF of its guns flowing into the hands of criminals. At worst, Colosimo’s knowingly traffics in crime guns.”

  3. Amy,

    Coloismo’s doesn’t sell guns illegally. If you have actual evidence of illegal activity on their part, I suggest you contact the local branch of The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms who regulate federally licensed firearms dealers and enforce federal gun laws.

    Of course, I suspect you don’t have any evidence of illegal activity on the part of Mr. Colosimo, who seems to mostly supply firearms to police agencies and police officers. That some firearms end up being stolen and end up on the black market is not something that Mr. Colosimo can be held responsible for. He sells a lawful, highly regulated product in compliance with state and federal laws.

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