Vicious Yogurt Attack on I-95

So Sumguy is driving down I-95 in Virginia and gets into an altercation with Sumdude who cut him off. Sumdude throws a container of yogurt at Sumguys’s car. Sumguy brandishes a firearm to ward off the yogurt wielding madman. Take a guess who’s getting charged with the felony and who’s getting charged with the misdemeanor. The answer might be surprising.

7 Responses to “Vicious Yogurt Attack on I-95”

  1. Jay G. says:

    OOH! OOH! I know this one!

    As it should be, IMHO…

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder if a VA misdemeanor is a prohibiting offense. And more importantly, will they also get their drivers’ licenses revoked. Idiots like these cause accidents every day. I think we’d ALL be better off if they couldn’t legally drive.

  3. Silver says:

    I wonder if he had an Unregistered high-capacity Yogurt?


  4. Was it Michael Weston?

  5. Dwight Brown says:

    Are you sure it was “vicious”? Given that yogurt was involved, it sounds more like it was “viscous”.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Funny you should make that joke considering what my spell checker did.

  7. Dwight Brown says:

    I’ll be here all week. Try the veal, and remember to tip your waitress.