I Do Believe Bloglines Is Working Again

It’s hard to tell if it’s because the 20th has come and gone (confirming my theory that it was my accidentally post-dated posts and comment that scrozzled the Bloglines), or if Bloglines did something.  If bloglines did something, thanks.  But I’m thinking it was probably the post dating and subsequent corrections that confused Bloglines into not updating its feed for my blog.

In other news, I’m liking my MacBook Pro enough that I’m considering getting myself a desktop Mac Pro and running the blog off that, and decommissioning the old Linux server.  It’s not that I don’t like Linux anymore, it’s just the differences between MacOS and Linux are pronounced enough that it makes going back and forth painful.

They are both Unix underneath anyway, though it’s taking some getting used to going back to the BSD universe, where I have to do ps -aux instead of ps -ef to get a process list, and no longer have things like /proc.  Plus, true to its NeXTStep roots, I see MacOS still retains NetInfo, which always seemed to me to be NIS written by aliens.

MacOS X is pretty cool, but it’s basically NeXTStep running on top of BSD with a nicer user interface on top of it :)

3 thoughts on “I Do Believe Bloglines Is Working Again”

  1. +1! Can’t go wrong with a Mac Pro if you need a desktop. I’d wait a bit though, the rumor is that they are redesigning it so its no longer so massive.

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