2 thoughts on “Gun Murders and Gun Laws”

  1. The city of Chicago alone logged 508 murders in 2008. Homicide reports aren’t available yet, but in previous years, the proportion of murders perpetrated with firearms hover around 75-80%. Thus, if 2008 is similar, we can expect that 380-405 of last years murders were perpetrated using firearms.

    And that’s Chicago alone. The city’s flat prohibition on handguns and various semiauto firearms are certainly effective. Chicago will hold that the availability of guns directly affect murder rates, and as did DC, will claim that without their gun bans, the murder rate would be much higher.

    Delusional thinking, it seems, affects many aspects of Chicago politics and policy.

  2. Push them just a bit with the stats and they start making the case, as Obama did, that Cheyenne isn’t Chicago. Push them a little more and you get very close to their belief that folks with melanin in their skin can’t handle firearm ownership.

    Hell, Chicago, New York, Washington ought to be violence-free utopias given their governance and the gun laws there.

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