S&W 637

I’d say “Nice Carry Gun,” but he lives in Wisconsin.  Someday, Peter.  Someday.  You have to get rid of Doyle first though.

4 Responses to “S&W 637”

  1. PeterFF says:

    Thanks for rubbing it in.
    Dumping Doyle is high on my list of priorities for 2010.

  2. Carl in Chicago says:

    Remember that last time, WI missed over-riding Doyle’s veto by only one or two votes, and that in 2006, the Kansas legislature over-rode their governor’s veto of shall-issue.

    WI can still pass it, despite Doyle.

  3. Crucis says:

    I carry a hammerless S&W 442 snubbie in a pocket holster. Hammers just snag on clothes when you need a fast draw. I have one but I’ll only carry it in a OWB paddle holster.

    I have a S&W M13 that I carry in a IWB holster. The piece has a factory-bobbed hammer. My M19 has a hammer, but it’s too bulky for carry except in a shoulder holster and I dont have one.

    Just my $0.02.

  4. Jake says:

    The S&W 442 is a very, very nice revolver, but that trigger pull borders on ridiculous! I had to trade mine because of that. (I seem to have inherited Dad’s essential tremors, and a strong trigger pull is one of the things that set them off.)

    I ended up getting a Taurus PT-145, which actually carries better (no cylinder bulge) and has the twin bonuses of 10+1 in .45ACP.