Headed Home

Time to go back to Pennsylvania.  Tomorrow there’s a Kalashnikov match at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club that I’m going to try to attend.  I’ll be shooting the AK-74, though I’ll probably take the 7.62 Romanian Kalashnikov too, just in case I feel like shooting that instead.

UPDATE: Back in Pennsylvania.  We got a new GPS for Christmas, and decided we liked being bothered by the American guy the best.  The British woman pronounced “Skippack Pike” wrong and it just annoyed me.  It works very well though.  We threw it for a loop a few times by deviating from the prescribed route.  Someone needs to make a gun nutty GPS navigation unit that can take you the shortest distance for states with no reciprocity.

3 thoughts on “Headed Home”

  1. Thanks for the post, I’ve got a few Mosin enthusiast compatriots that might be interested in showing. Too bad I’m on the left coast.

  2. Competition with evil death machines??? Un-possible!

    (pic’s would be cool.)

  3. Hmmmm. A match for ye olde AK clone….Now there’s an idea who’s time has finally come. Uncle Mikhail would be proud. Must post pics of the event, preferably action shots. We gotta see the old ’74 in action…

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