Big Boomer Vest Busters

Thirdpower points out that the VPC is now demonizing one of the preferred rounds for handgun hunting.  Somehow I’m doubting that gang bangers are toting around the large, heavy revolvers in their waistbands.  What’s next?  Thompson Center Contenders in the ghetto?  Most of those will go through soft body armor too.

8 thoughts on “Big Boomer Vest Busters”

  1. Gee, hope they don’t figure out my 50yr old CZ52 with it’s puny 7.62mm/.30cal bullet is also a “vest buster”.
    Actually, I’ve been stocking up on 7.62×25 since I fully expect it to end up on a ban list for that very reason.

  2. Just follows with the old theme that a gun fires a round that is too slow/too fast/too small/too big (choose) to be suitable for whatever use it is put to and thus, must be banned.

    “Big boomers” and “vest busters”, two new terms they’re looking to introduce to the anti-gun lexicon. I fully expect to hear those words at hearings in the upcoming year or two.

  3. It’s just so…hysterical. Smith & Wesson LURING women and children into shooting! Middle-aged suburban men with foot-long revolvers! Mexican gangs! Children as young as four using spotting scopes! Dead deer!

    And at the same time, the firearms industry is slumping and no one’s buying anything except “big boomers!”

    I’m actually kind of okay with gangbangers using X-frame revolvers. Especially if they hold it sideways and break their noses on recoil.

  4. Re: Mopar.

    You’re very right and that’s the reason why a CZ52 or TT33 (whichever is cheaper for me to find) are on my short list.

  5. I’m trying to imagine what happens if some idiot tried firing a 454 Casull holding it sideways “gangsta” style; I wonder in which part of his face the gun would end up embedded?

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