5 thoughts on “The Perfect Toy from Santa for Your Grown Gun Nut”

  1. Oh the mind, she reels with awesometude.

    The possibilities… the variants! As long as it’s incapable of being taken over by Skynet, I’m cool with it. :)

  2. So, what is the ‘trigger’ on this assembly? If I program it to just fire again and again until it runs out, is it a machinegun?

  3. I gotta admit, that would scare the hell out of me. I’d be wondering where the gun ends up pointing if something breaks or I twitch at the controls.

  4. 1. WANT.

    2. Older Brother is working on a gunship upgrade to his helicopter that will shoot standard bottle rockets from tubes mounted on the sides. But I gotta say, the .45 is even COOLER. Can’t wait to show him :-D

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