3 thoughts on “Hypocrite”

  1. He surrendered his FOID card, but I didn’t hear anything about surrendering his guns. If that was an average person they would have been disarmed. And if they owned more then 1-2 guns they would be displayed on a table at a press conference.
    I’d love to see just what sort of firearms an antigunner owns.

    This is almost as delicious as when Sarah Brady did the straw man purchase of the high powered sniper rifle I mean hunting rifle for her son.

  2. FOID card …

    Yep, without that little plastic card in one’s wallet, it’s just impossible to obtain or possess a firearm.

    That’s why the anti-2A folks would so dearly love a nationalized system that “works” like the one in Illinois.

  3. Guns in Illinois are a privilege, not a right.

    When you have to ask for something, it is not a right.

    Having to pay for a FOID card seems to me like taxing second amendment rights.

    Maybe the land of lincoln can get a three-peat with our next governor!

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