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Ryan presents a somewhat differing view than I’ve been espousing here in terms of HR2640.   I say somewhat different because I do think the current law is completely inadequate, and that more still needs to be done, even after HR2640 “restoration of rights process” is in place.

But as much as I do wish we could have gotten more, I still think HR2640, on the whole, is a small push in the right direction.  Any means to address a firearms disability, even if it’s fraught with trouble, is better than not having any recourse at all.  I consider HR2640 to be half a step back and a step forward.   Not as far as I’d like to go, but I’ll take what I can get out of this Congress.

5 thoughts on “More on HR2640”

  1. What mechanism? If you get committed or adjudicated under the current law it’s a life long disability from ever being able to own firearms.

  2. HR2640 is a horrendous stinker and needs to be killed. It will not help us and it WILL hurt us. Thousands of good, honest American gun owners will be dumped onto the NICS database and banned from gun ownership. The supposed remedy to get off the list will never materialize. It will be too expensive for the average citizen to afford to pay a lawyer to get his rights back, when the Feds have an unlimited amount of money to fight with in court. It will take only the slightest false allegations to get YOUR NAME (yes you America) put on this list for good. Really folks – why do you think Schumer, Leahy and McCarthy love this bill so much? And when they love a bill that much, why would any pro-gun person support it? You can dress up a pig, and put lipstick on it, but you can’t make it sing. This is one porker that I won’t kiss up to.

  3. do you have the actual text of HR2640? I have seen a lot of reaction to this new law but I would like to read it for myself.

  4. I do. You can find it here. Just do a search on HR2640 as a bill number. You’ll see a bunch of versions of it. The one passed is the last one. Sorry I don’t have a direct link, but Thomas links don’t work after a certain amount of time.

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