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  1. And NONE of you prags consider that YOU might also be douchebags?

    Especially you, Linoge, after I read your post. Your entire argument pretty much consisted of namecalling, Ad Hom, and elitist douchebaggery.

    It’s a common theme I’ve seen. The Prags believe that THEY, The Elite, are the ONLY ones doing ANY political work. That those “Three Percenter douchebags” have NEVER and DON’T do anything in the political process.

    I have some news for you.

    They HAVE, and DO, continue to use the political process. Many times, for even LONGER than most of the prags.

    Stop being so full of yourselves.

  2. And NONE of you prags consider that YOU might also be douchebags?

    I’m open to the possibility, but I’ve seen people make reasonable arguments against the three percent crowd only to get ridiculed and had multiple personal qualities called into question.

    So how much money and time did you donate to pro-gun candidates in 2008 Ishida? Just askin.

  3. I’ve also seen arguments which consisted solely of sticking their finger in their ears and going “la la la, I can’t hear you you stupid neanderthal”, instead of addressing any points raised. You know, Ad Hom, namecalling, the like.

    Being underage, not very much, eh? I did some campaigning for Ron Paul in my locality, and correct the BS fallacies where the opportunity presents itself, which commonly gets my ass in trouble. How many schools did you go into and debunk BS in ’08?

    I’ll have you know quite well that I am a third-party in this, who is stating very clearly that BOTH SIDES need to shut up and get the hell over themselves. The 3%s need to tone it down a bit, and the Prags could stop being elitist asses. Deal?
    United Front and all that.

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