More on Indictments from the New York Times

The New York Times offers a bit more information about the “certified instructor” than we had before in relation to the death of Christopher Bizilj:

As he fired, Mr. Bennett told The A.P., Christopher was supervised only by a 15-year-old.

So one of the line instructors was a 15 year old?  This just gets better and better with each new revelation.  These folks have put the entire shooting culture in Massachusetts under the microscope with a poorly marketed, poorly thought out, and poorly organized machine gun shoot.  This is what’s being reaped right now:

Terrel Harris, a spokesman for the state public safety secretary, Kevin Burke, said the department had been “working on seeing what statutes and regulations we might be able to tighten and strengthen,” specifically involving “machine guns, juveniles in possession of guns, and gun clubs.”

No good will come of this.

4 thoughts on “More on Indictments from the New York Times”

  1. I posted most of this comment below but I think it needs to be said again, especially after confirmation of the 15 year old instructor.

    Who in the hell would think it is okay for an 8 year old kid to handle and shoot a sub-machine gun under any conditions. I am all for teaching kids how to use guns, I have been hunting with my grandsons for years but I would not let either of them at 8 and 11 years old hold and shoot a pistol without my hand close by, much less an automatic micro-uzi.

    I am sorry for the people involved but I think what they set up was a disaster waiting to happen. This is not a 2nd amendment issue, it is a stupid issue.

  2. As I said prior, I have nothing against Class III weapons, but the turd heads had NO business with WATER PISTOLS…

    It’s NOT the guns, it’s *some* of the idiots that are allowed to HAVE the guns, and therein lies the problem…

    How do you keep things like this from happening? You can’t legislate common sense…

  3. I tend to agree with the the previous commentor(s?). The post title should start with “Moron Indictments” rather than “more on indictments”.

    If someone can’t control their fire (and I’d expect an 8 year old not to be able to properly control the micro-uzi), it is important for someone to identify the bad idea and stop it.

    Just like when some bozo decides to off himself at a range, it’s always lumped in with the “gun nut” pejorative.

  4. I have to ask. Are you writing letters to the papers damning the stupidity for print?

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