Bias in the Media

The Great Falls Tribune printed an editorial that criticized the National Rifle Association, and then would not even offer the courtesy of printing a reply.  It’s hard to get our message out there when the media is actively conspiring to keep it out of the public light.  And they wonder why the print media is contracting faster than a neutron star.

2 thoughts on “Bias in the Media”

  1. That’s one of the things I love so much about blogs: a well-known, popular blog (say, yours or Uncles) is able to serve as a means of publication…not only for the reply itself, but also for reporting on the fact that the reply was suppressed.

    Blogs don’t have quite the same circulation as print media, but the gap is rapidly closing.

    *dons physics hat* Once formed, neutron stars don’t contract by any significant amount. If supernova-ing stars are beyond a certain size limit, they form black holes as opposed to neutron stars. *removes physics hat*

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