Add me to the List

Tam is overqualified for public office based on her results from this Civic Literacy Test, which apparently our elected officials did not so well on.  I scored 33 out of 33, so I’m clearly not destained for public office either.  I’ll have to try hard to reduce my competence if I want to have a future in politics.

12 Responses to “Add me to the List”

  1. SayUncle says:

    I doubt ‘destained’ was intentional but it’s pretty funny.

  2. Robb Allen says:

    He’s got a good Dry Cleaner, apparently…

    I did 30 out of 33, which considering the fact I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, that’s not too shabby (I had originally had 29, but upon further reading of my mistake, I had chosen the wrong button on accident).

  3. persiflage says:

    Congratulations on the high score. I took the test too and got a 33. I’d like to try it out on my High School senior, if I can get him to stop for a few minutes to take it. It would be interesting.

  4. I only got 23 out of 33.

    Maybe I should run for Jersey City Mayor. A stock clerk from A&P did it in 2004, and got something like 900 votes…….

  5. Jdude says:

    I did a 31/33. Perhaps being under constant attack requires us to understand how things actually work?

    Gun owners and other civil libertarians may be the groups to save the entire nation from itself, with nary a shot fired.

    I think you should run for political office. I plan to here in a few years when my time in the service runs out.


  6. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    I scored 25/33 (75.75%). Not too shabby considering that history and political science was never my strong suits.

  7. Myles says:

    32/33. The question about Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Aquinas tripped me up.

  8. I did 31 (I’m claiming one of the two wrong was a clickographic error. Everyone on any gun board that will own up to it has been north of 20.

    To render law-abiding gunowners the despised minority truly is The World Turned Upside Down. It bodes ill.


  9. 31 of 33 here…not shabby.

  10. I got a 27 though I missed one due to not reading it properly. High School education only for me. Though I’m working on college now

  11. Ahab says:

    Man, I only got a 30 out of 33.

  12. workinwifdakids says:

    31/33 hopped up on painkillers for my ear infection.

    Not bad.