What Can I Say …

… I’m a sucker for hot Alaska governors who shoot AR-15s.  I just donated 100 bucks to McCain/Palin ’08.  Regardless of how I feel about McCain himself, he’s elevated some very good folks to the national stage, and put them in positions where they’ll be leaders in the Republican Party.  Even if his campaign is destained to crash and burn, this is a great legacy to leave us for the future.

If you’re thinking about donating, now is the time.  McCain took the public financing route, so this weekend is the last his campaign can take donations.  After this, you can only donate through the RNC.

2 thoughts on “What Can I Say …”

  1. It was the best pick he could have chosen, besides Fred Thompson, but he seems not to want to be in politics (can’t blame him). Besides she will keep in check for any stupid gun laws that may arise.

    I hope that they win the election.

  2. Is it an AR-15? or is that video taken in Iraq?? (M16? or M4?)

    I think she is firing Semi, you can see her hair move with the recoil.

    Matt- I love Fred put right NOW Palin can pick up PUMA voters the Fred could not get.

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