A Sorry Testament

Cam Edwards points out a sorry testament to the state of education in this country.

5 Responses to “A Sorry Testament”

  1. Chuck B. says:

    “Control over the smoking barrel
    Written by Sally Sanderson on Wed, 11/19/2008 – 04:09”

    Did anybody read this thing yet? It’s woefully uninformed opinion, quite likely written by an individual who has never fired, let alone touched or even seen a gun in real life. I guess this is quite typical of the “educated” Obama voter we’ve been hearing about in the pro-Obama media.

    We all need to reply to Sally Sanderson’s ignorant screed post haste, so as to refute all the numerous naive sentiments she submitted.

  2. J. Dock says:

    The site did not have any comments posted as of yet – I’m guessing they’re not publishing them. You’re welcome to try, but BE POLITE. This is a young, impressionable mind and you’re acting as a 2A ambassador with every word.

    Sebastian – programming note – the link to Cam’s blog in your sidebar points to (what I believe is) an old and busted URL and not the “on tap” blog that you successfully referenced in the main body of your story. FYI. (Unless there’s a reason for that in which case I apologize for being a butinski.)

  3. B Smith says:

    +1, J Dock. I went there and commented earlier, I guess it didn’t take. My comment was to the effect of, “glad to see you taking an interest, if you REALLY want to know about firearms, get instruction, go to a range and shoot.”
    Let’s see if we can turn some of these people into shooters themselves, instead of just going over there and ripping her to shreds.

  4. Murdoc says:

    Sadly, she goes to Michigan Tech. Usually Michigan folks outside of the immediate Detroit area show more sense about firearms.

  5. karrde says:

    Sadness, indeed.

    That’s the Michigan Tech University’s college newspaper, the Lode. (MTU used to be Michigan College of Mining & Technology; hence the Lode as the campus newspaper.)

    Michigan Tech is my alma mater (grad school).

    There are several shooting-friendly communities at MTU; one of them is an official student group called the Pistol Club. (They meet at a range in the basement of the Student Activities Center…or did when I was a member.) There are classes in air-rifle marksmenship offered as a PE elective at MTU, which are held in the same range.

    Students even have the option of keeping a hunting rifle or shotgun in a special locker in the dorms.

    Apparently this author is not a part of that community, or failed to learn a few basic things about firearms, rights, and Supreme Court cases.

    Sad, but not too surprising. Like most colleges, MTU has a small but vocal sect of students and teachers who are hard-left and ill-informed about any other perspective. Like some Tech schools, it has a larger and moderately-quiet community of conservative-oriented people.


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