10 thoughts on “Not Physics Majors”

  1. Who’s that hottie who always takes the Conservative viewpoint on The View? I don’t know how she deals with such stupidity on a daily basis.

  2. Between this, the Zogby poll which showed how little people knew of Obama/Biden, and that viral Howard Stern clip where McCain’s politics were ascribed to Obama and people agreed with them, I feel like I want to scratch my eyes out.

    Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

    I don’t even like her, but don’t want to believe Whoopi is that stupid.

  3. And what is pathetic is how many goofy people watch that and form opinions based on what they hear there.

  4. And the saddest part of all is that Whoopie is the smartest one on the show.

  5. Badideaguy…

    You probably shouldn’t check out a National Geographic poll done a few years back where 11% of 18-24 year old Americans were unable to locate the United States on a blank world map.

  6. I think, in Whoopie’s defense, some of her confusion is related to the fact that the quote she is reading doesn’t make sense. So, I think that she’s there going “you know, I thought that I knew what suffrage was, but since they are comparing gay marriage to that, I must be wrong”

    Although my “laugh” for the day was reading “….to the manner born” in the newspaper and having people not understand what was wrong with the sentence. *sigh*

  7. (dates himself by singing:)

    Oh, grammar’s not your grandma,
    it’s your grammar…
    Grammar rocks!!

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