5 thoughts on “UAW Holidays”

  1. Like I told Bitter, I get a pretty sizable chunk of holidays each year, but then again my company isn’t flying the CEO in a private jet to DC to beg Congress for money.

  2. The only holidays I get are (in chronological order):
    New Year’s Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Thanksgiving (and the Friday thereafter)
    Christmas (and the Friday or the Monday proceeding or preceding, respectively)

    Two weeks vacation and 5 sick/personal days.

    That’s it.

    The Unions need to be gotten rid of. They negotiate contracts that pay a kid with a high school diploma double what I’m making with triple the holidays and paid vacations. Is it any wonder why the Big 3 automakers are on their death beds?

  3. Hey…I’m from Detroit…you left out that fact that there is a “shutdown” for July 4th week…..it’s supposedly for factory retooling etc….so they get that whole week off as well PAID! It’s not officially a holiday so it’s not listed but they don’t work and still get paid for it.

  4. I dunno. Most of that time off is due to the week between Christmas & New Year’s, and it’s pretty typical for plants to be shut down then for maintenance. I know it’s typical in the pharma industry, too. (yes, the operators are union, but often most other divisions are off, too.)

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