Right on Cue

A few weeks before the election, I posted this:

I can promise you the Brady Campaign is frustrated they are being stuffed in steerage for the entire election, but the Democrats are not abandoning gun control.  If they win this November, it will tell them they don’t have to actually support the Second Amendment to win.  It will tell them that all they have to do is pull the wool over those bitter, gun clingers eyes enough that they won’t check to hard to see what’s really behind the curtain.  It will make them think NRA is a paper tiger if they can’t defeat the most anti-gun presidential candidate in American history.

Now we get this:


They know how to spin the results in their favor.  But we shall see whether the Brady Campaign really carries any weight with the new administration.

8 thoughts on “Right on Cue”

  1. But but but all the screaming Obama supporters said that gun owners had nothing to fear and that all these gun sales were just paranoia and and and…


  2. The brady bunch won’t have to carry any weight with the incoming thugs. The thugs will make their run at disarming us without the need to consult with the brady bunch. After all daley and his thugs have been doing it in Shitcago for the past 50 years or so.

  3. I am glad he can admit our side spent money to defeat the anti-gun agenda to “defend freedom.” I swear the more I see these ingrates the more it just realize how they are such profound whores in their dealings. There is nothing they will not say, do, or imagine to further their agenda.

    The question I want to Helmke is this: “If Obama is ‘ on your side’ why did he spend so much of the campaign doing absolutely no press with you?” What a douche!

  4. Keep in mind the Brady folks are regular readers of this blog. Don’t say anything here you wouldn’t want them to hear. What you say here can and will be used against us all. We’ve experienced that before.

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