Lead Ammo Ban Proposed

The Humane Society of the United States, which endorsed Barack Obama this election, is calling for a nationwide ban on lead ammunition:

“If there was any doubt about the urgent need to rid our country of lead ammunition, here is proof positive,” said Andrew Page, senior director of the Wildlife Abuse Campaign for The HSUS.

This could be one way they come at us folks.  Get ready.  The CDC has already debunked the need for this, but HSUS is coming off a stunning electoral victory, and they will want to make the most of us.  Do you think Ray Schoenke is going to speak out against this?  Don’t hold your breath.  ASHA accomplished their goal — they got Obama and the Democrats elected.  For the next four years, fighting this stuff is going to fall on us.  Hunters need to wake up.

13 thoughts on “Lead Ammo Ban Proposed”

  1. “…backed by 10.5 million Americans…”

    I’m going to call BS on that number too. “backed” needs defining. Are there 10.5 million dues paying members or do just 10.5 million people think HSUS is a good idea?

    Definitions matter.

  2. By that reasoning, everyone who ever bought, touched or looked at a gun is a member of the NRA.

    NRA: 6 Billion members strong!

  3. By actual polling that’s been done, my understanding is that if NRA used HSUS’s criteria, they’d have 33 million members. NRA’s membership requirements are very strict by DC standards.

  4. and how many people that even donate to the HUSA are doing any more than trying to fund their local no-kill shelter?

    i would guess that less than 1% of their donaters would be hardcore anti-hunters or anti gunners.

  5. If the current administration hadn’t been so antagnoistic to actual “science” to guide policy, then maybe we’d get somewhere with the CDC study.

    Here is hoping that Barak will actually take rational inqiry seriously again after 8 years of Bush scraping it under the table and doing the fingers in the ears “cant hear you” dance.

  6. Another “feelgood” organization taken over by radicals.

    Twist facts, lie, spin media reports, exaggerate, etc etc.

    Typical socialist propaganda, and in the meantime the real and virtuous objectives of their founders are subverted or ignored.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  7. Get all the bullet molds you need for all your calibers, and get fishing weights. Save your brass, and you might have to get primers by surreptitous means.

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