Article on Dan Cooper in Missoulian

This article in the Missoulian quotes me:

“I don’t think Dan’s ousting is fair or right, it just is. I didn’t ask for people to call for his ousting. I did tell people to write Cooper Firearms and express displeasure, and encouraged them to not purchase the company’s products. It was Cooper Firearms and the Board that ousted Dan in response, because they felt that was the best thing to do for their business. Both sides in this case were acting separately in their own self-interest.”

Read the whole thing.  Bob Ricker is still saying the NRA boogeyman is behind this.  Having once worked for NRA, you would think Bob would know that NRA has difficulty moving at Internet speed, except that he has a vested interest in painting this picture.

One interesting thing is it looks like Cabelas and Sportsmen’s Warehouse cancelled orders with Cooper Firearms.  They said that was a business decision though, because the rifles weren’t selling.  I’m wondering, at this point, if perhaps we just gave the Board of Directors of Cooper Firearms the excuse they needed to get some better business management at this company.   Read the whole thing.

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  1. Bob Ricker was given quite the platform … enough to send out these nuggets of wisdom:

    And so the NRA has been able to use that very effectively to keep everybody in lockstep so that nobody breaks rank.

    If he knew gun owners, he’d know they herd about as well as cats.

    Ricker says the president-elect proved his support of the Second Amendment in 2005, when Obama voted in favor of an amendment … preventing local and state government from seizing personal firearms during a national emergency. “We saw Obama stand up and support the Second Amendment and say ‘government can’t take our guns away,’ ” he said. “Law-abiding gun owners have nothing to fear.”

    I suppose that if Nero or Hitler or Stalin each just pardoned one along the way, that would prove they were not a murderous tyrant?

    Ricker is “out to lunch” but quite unfortunately, has quite a platform now.

  2. Bob knows that. In fact, he’s counting on it. This is all a carefully orchestrated image his organization is trying to sell.

  3. I think the most interesting element of that article was the reason Cabela’s canceled orders and that Sportsmen’s Warehouse just found his guns didn’t sell. We may have been the proverbial straw that simply broke the already injured camel’s back.

  4. It certainly would be interesting if we simply provided the excuse… Of course, I doubt we will ever know, and continue to be demonized, but I guess that is life.

    As for Ricker, he is waging one hell of a public relations campaign, that seems to be yielding few, if any, results – their enrollment is still low, the reality of their anti-gun stance is still obvious, and everyone knows it. Poor Bob.

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