Looks like Barack Obama’s entire transition platform, including the new assault weapons ban, and various other infringements, has, for now, disappeared down the memory hole.  We do not know of this change of which you speak.  I notice the national service initiative is still up, and I can’t imagine the transition mavens haven’t been taking negative feedback on that.  Does this mean that involuntary servitude will be this administration’s new top priority?

Welcome to politics President Elect Obama.  I sincerely hope you aren’t planning on quitting smoking over the next four years.  I think you’re going to find ruling over 300 million unruly, cantankerous Americans is going to be a whole lot harder than being the Senator from Chicago who wants to run for President.  It’s only going to get harder from here.  I’m sure you’ll be doing your part keep the economy of North Carolina chugging, Mr. President.  But don’t fret, you did win that state by a pretty narrow margin.

13 thoughts on “Change.gone”

  1. Woah. Great idea! Let President Hussein rule over a mere 300 citizens who pretend to enjoy the benefits benevolence, while the rest of us get on with our lives.

  2. [Um, please feel free to delete this post and the above snark when you correct the obvious typo.]

    While I’m glad he realizes now just how awful the original platform makes him look, it’s really scary that he puts this up, thinking it’s going to be great, then yanks it without comment. Not at all a good sign of things to come.]

  3. Oh, hey, I just put my finger on what might sound better for your blog’s catchphrase – Where’s there’s snow, there’s powder – gunpowder.

  4. Steve: No, that PDF was created on 9/11 (!) of this year, and since I have a URL downloader (wget) that preserves file dates on web servers, it was put up on that campaign (not transition) web site on 9/16.

    However, since the entire agenda is gone from the transition site except for a couple of paragraphs of boilerplate, we don’t really know what’s happening.

  5. He still plans on grabbing guns, he just doesn’t want to advertise it too loudly until he’s ready.

  6. It’s clear as mud – he still has an agenda, refuses to tell us now – must be the hope & change they all dreamed of – perversion, police state & hidden agendas – yup that’s change especially with all the Clinton cronies he has lined up along with the subversive element hidden away (Ayers, Farfakhan, etc. & don’t forget Kenya, Libya, Iran …..

    Get your guns now while you can!!!!!!

  7. Can we agree … at least among ourselves … that we don’t refer to semiautos as “assault weapons” and “assault rifles?”

  8. Come on people… Everything in his posted agenda was from the Issues section of his website while he was running.

    The reason it came down probably has something to do with campaign finance laws and the wholesale transferring of content developed by his campaign to the 501c4 credited at the bottom of each page.

    Lets not try to act so confused.

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