Change is Coming

Trying a slightly modified look soon.

UPDATE: Change is here.  Still trying to add some hope though.

UPDATE: Hope is added.  I think it’s change we can all believe in at this point.  Other than the theme, I have a new Pennsylvania related icon, and I have redone my “About” page after realizing my previous one was an embarrassment after it was quoted in USA Today.  I also got rid of several categories on the blogroll, and consolidated down.

10 Responses to “Change is Coming”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Hmm… Looks slightly the same right now ;)

  2. Mad Saint Jack says:

    No Sir, I don’t like it.

    (really it’s ok but I wanted to quote Ren and Stimpy.)

    PS: I miss the south park devil.

  3. Anthony says:

    I like the look of the new site. At first when I got here I knew something had changed but I was not sure what, and then I read that something had indeed changeed and I realized it. That is a good kind of change, something that feels like home, but still new. Good job!

  4. Somebody #57 says:

    I like it.

  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    Good stuff. Love the new PA logo, too.

  6. Linoge says:

    Nice and clean – I like it. Of course, this is coming from a minimalist, so go figure.

    What is with the “edit” icon after every comment time-date stamp?

  7. Sebastian says:

    I will have to remove that

  8. Anthony says:

    Amateur layout designer gives two thumbs up!

    Kudos for using 5:1 and over contrast on all important elements, bucking the trend of hard-to-read gray crap.

  9. Link Porterfield says:

    I was more partial to your old logo.

    Everything else looks great.

  10. Don’t forget the Inspiration.