Global Arms Treaty

We’re one step closer:

Britain’s UN Ambassador John Sawers welcomed adoption of the text and expressed hope that the next US administration will reconsider its opposition to the proposed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) “to ensure that the arms trade lives up to standards we believe all responsible exporting countries should aspire to.”

Let’s hope we head off that possibility on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Global Arms Treaty”

  1. “He noted that even US arms companies were coming around to the idea that an arms treaty would be good for their image and their bottom line.”


    Has he been talking to Dan???

  2. “Hmmmmmmm.

    Has he been talking to Dan???”


    Now I wish I could laugh at the fact that the most probable administration taking office in January will not only support such a UN treaty, but expand upon it.

  3. Yes, let’s hope that on Tuesday we head off the possibility of having to surrender our gun rights to the UN. Everyone get out and vote.

  4. I really hope you guys are on your game in PA. If you can take PA away from Obama, that goes most of the way towards a McCain victory.

  5. This is no arms exporting treaty. If you check out the website they wish to set standards for arms transfers….nationally, regionally, and worldwide. It is a short walk to setting standards for internal arms transfers, i.e., the gun show loophole.

    The Wassenaar Arrangement, which the US is a party to, sets standards for arms exports and is an integral part of the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). ITAR licenses are required for all exports of firearms that were ever in US controlled territory, vice sporting rifles and shotguns taken out temporarily for hunting.

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