8 thoughts on “USA Today Covers Zumboing of Dan Cooper”

  1. Good, let others who are thinking of the same be warned of the monetary effects of their actions.

  2. From the article: “Many gun enthusiasts believe Obama will try to restrict their right to bear arms, although he has said he respects the Second Amendment.”

    They present it almost as a faith-based issue. But we know his incontrovertible record of opposing the second amendment at every opportunity.

    Reading that, I need to turn in my chest waders for neck waders …

  3. While I wish it had not come to this, I am glad the Board of the company decided it was in the best interest of their 30 some employees to end this quickly.

    Congress critters should take note should they think this year’s election results, should Obama win, is an open invitation to restrict our rights.

  4. BHO “respects” the 2ndA. Well, I “respect” Blackbeard, but even if it were possible to put him on the ticket I wouldn’t want to vote for him.

  5. Well, suffice to say that some of those commenters do not adequately understands the concepts of “consequences”, “repercussions”, and “voting with one’s dollar”.

  6. Did you see this article, mentioning you, specifically?

    “This needs to get around,” wrote a blogger who calls himself “Sebastian, a thirty something, self professed ‘gun nut’ living somewhere in Pennsylvania.” He added: “Gun owners need to know which companies sell their interests down the river. Here’s contact info for Cooper Firearms. I would talk to them, and be sure they know Obama’s record, why you’re not voting for him, and why you’ll never buy one of their products.”

    Not bad.

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