Weapons Control Japanese Style

They are getting more strict:

The revised firearms and swords possession control law would ban the possession of daggers and other double-edged knives whose blades are 5.5 centimeters or longer, and swords and spears with blades of 15 cm or longer. At present, one is prohibited from owning swords, knives and spears whose blades are 15 cm or longer.

The bill would also expand the scope of a ban on gun ownership to people with such records of such criminal action as stalking and domestic violence as well as bankrupt people and those feared to commit suicide.

American gun owners should note that, despite Japan’s astronomically low crime rate, the government of Japan is not saying “Well, our controls work well — we live in a very safe society.”  No, when the weapons control laws fail, as they always will, the answer will be to squeeze tighter and tighter.

One thought on “Weapons Control Japanese Style”

  1. And yet, the Yakuza (Japans Mafia) flourishes–with guns.

    The police in Japan have none of the restrictions ours have. They can coerce confessions, they jail you for life for mere possession, and they “visit” every home every six months, just to “keep a watchful eye upon y’all”.

    Then there’s the suicide rate, which is twice what ours is.

    Japan is not the weapon-free utopia they try to tell us it is.

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