Carve for Obama

This halloween, won’t you carve a pumpkin for Obama?  He is the Lightworker, after all.

UPDATE: Rumor has it those pumpkins don’t actually have candles in them.  They are power by pure and loving Hope.  He is The One who will bring us to the light!  Change we can believe in.

3 Responses to “Carve for Obama”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    I had to leave this message over at Punkin’ Head O’Mania …

    Oh man … and I bet these pumpkins don’t even need a light source. There’s plenty of The Lightworker to go around!

    Now if Obama could carve up five pumpkins and two fishes and feed 5000 of his followers, I’d vote for him for sure.

  2. B Smith says:

    It’s the only jack-o’lantern in the neighborhood that’ll be smashed BEFORE it’s finished…

  3. Guav says:

    I heard they were powered by the captured methane from unicorn farts :)