Help Me Out Readers!

ParaUSA wants to send ten lucky bloggers, from among attendees of the Second Amendment Blogger Bash, to a weekend training session at Blackwater (Aug 22-24, 2008) with Todd Jarrett.  Follow the link for details.  I certainly hope that you will go and vote for me.  If you do, you’ll also be entering for a chance to go yourself.

I really want to thank ParaUSA for doing this for us.  Not only because it’s uber cool to be offered the chance to train with a World Champion IPSC shooter, but also because it shows that blogs are being taken seriously, and our potential is being recognized.  That’s a good thing for all of us, even if we don’t get to go.

UPDATE: Don’t listen to this guy.   A vote for Snowflakes in Hell is the only one, true vote.   Do not be tempted by a false prophet.  A vote for me is your best chance to go to Blackwater yourself!

8 thoughts on “Help Me Out Readers!”

  1. Oh no….I already done did vote for one of the old guys….

    Actually, I just closed my eyes and clicked… mattered that little who I chose.


    Yeah, tomorrow I’ll write a serious post about the whole thing. For now, it’s a little fun time.

    Just ran it past the wife. It’s on her birthday weekend, so I did get the evil eye, but luckily that was all.

  3. **chuckling**
    Well, as I told Robb, and will doubtless be telling others:
    Asking me to choose my favorite blogger is sort of like asking me to choose my favorite gun: too damn many things about each of you’uns that I like! (Though like any sentient being, I’ll happily accept the ‘hanger-on’ prize…)
    Damn. My poor brain is smoking already.

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