6 thoughts on “NRA Endorses”

  1. It should, but there’s not much other choice. Sometimes you have to jump in the fight, because it’s the right thing to do, even if the chances of winning are uncertain.

  2. This is a defacto Palin McCain ticket . Even the far left is running the VP nominee against their best hopeey changey . Ms Palin i dont have an issue with and in fact before her nommination i was not going to vote . I will now vote so that no matter what happens she will record a vote , and god help us , may be able to ” roll back ” some of the ” hope for change ” things that happen before 2012. I dont have a christal ball , I dont know who will win . I do know that the republic will withstand either of obama or McCain . We have had worse “leaders” i suppose . I am rapidly becoming one of that famous 3 % tho . This election will tell to an extent to see if as a country we elect the ” best ” option or the ” worst ” .

  3. Cant edit so ill add . I do truly fear that we as a nation have learned how to vote ourselves into both bread and circuses, all paid for by ” the other folks ” just take the bailout as an example .. I dont see calls for investigation while the money i pay goes to bankers making in one year what i might make in 10 . You just cant have that both ways , if they are a ” drone ” signing off on ” federally mandated loans ” then they should get civil service paychecks . If they are ” far thinking financal maveriks then they should pay the cost of any other pirate . In any event i think the taxpayer ( ME ) is owed an immediate payment , and a plan to fully pay back the ” loan ” .

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