Strategery vs. Tactics

I’ve been worried that the McCain camp doesn’t seem to have their ground game in too good order, especially here in Pennsylvania, but I have to say that their strategic outlook seems to be pretty good.  The media is already starting to attack Sarah Palin as inexperienced.  But every article that brings this issue up is also highlighting Obama’s lack of experience as well.  The difference is, she’s on the bottom of the GOP ticket, and Obama is on the top of the Dem’s.  It’s probably not too smart for the Obama camp to even bring this issue up, but they are doing it.  The selection of Palin to the McCain ticket has put him in a win-win situation.  They can’t not criticize the choice, but on the only issue they can hit her on, also indirectly hurts Obama.

13 thoughts on “Strategery vs. Tactics”

  1. Not only that, but announcing it the day after the 4th great awakening yanked that free publicity poll bounce right out from under the lightbringer.

  2. It seems that the GOP ground game in PA is generally awful. DNC operatives swarm the suburbs, while the good guys are busy having beef-n-beers with themselves.

  3. Palin will secure the base, and handle the Red States for the ticket, freeing McCain to spend all his time trolling through swing states.

    Even if she doesn’t bring a single Hillary voter over to the republican ticket, she will be a constant reminder of their irritation with the democrats, and cause a lot of them to sit out the election.

  4. Well it is time to accept that Obama is going to win. I really hope that this won’t happen. But it is most likely going to happen. So gear up.

  5. NRA Life Member, hunter, fisher, snowmobiler, athlete – just for fun. Wife (husband works in the oil fields), mother, former mayor, current governor, no nonsense goverment reformer and budget maven – day job(s). Quick witted and feisty, and conservative. Did I say verrry attractive. Loves moose-burgers. What more could you want? I’m in love – L-U-V!

  6. Gee, Matt, tell us what you really think! I don’t happen to agree with you. I also think most of the conservative base just got so energized that they just can’t hardly believe it and are pinching themselves to make sure they are not dreaming this. This is a complete slap down of Obama/Biden.

  7. Awwww…is the media crying ‘sour milk’ already? And Matt, I’ve got a double helping of it for you.

  8. McCain has been in PA recently. Is it the local has not geared up? It is timing that is done after the conventions in the general. This has just finished the primaries to nominate.

    The time is after Labor Day and then lawn signs and etc come out.

  9. Reminds me of the scene in the Princess Bride (don’t lie, you know you love it), where Mandy Patinkin is looking back over the stern of that ship, and says, “He’s gaining on us. I wonder if he is using the same wind we are?”
    I love this… every time Obamessiah moves, Mac takes his wind away. Of course, the $64,000 question is, will it be enough to counter the racist (yes, I said racist) morons who will vote for BHO simply because he happens to be black?

  10. All the fence-sitters at my shooting club are on-board now. I think she was a brilliant pick, in fact it makes Obama’s choice of Biden look downright cynical and craven – Biden’s nothing but an uncreative attack-dog party-line enforcer, an example of typical Chicago Machine-politics.

  11. Also the the Moonbat attack groups and blogs have really had to stoop really low to sling mud at Sarah. Some of the attacks are REALLY disgusting, and the furthest thing from “Progressive”….as a matter of fact the more angry leftie blogs I’ve been reading are sounds like the Booger-munching rednecks stuck-in-the-50s that they keep claiming we are.

    IMHO the people bitching about Palin were Obama Voters hook-line-and-sinker, and they’re doing good work to push the fence sitters AWAY!

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