We’re Campaigning Here in Allentown

Day two of the Keystone Eastern Gun Show in Allentown.  Ran into one reader already.  It’s always one of these things, that I can’t believe people show up here to read my babblings.  Just ran into a rare sighting of the endangered camouflage breasted New York City gun owner.  The big goal for today is not spending more money, in addition to campaigning.  I do need to get more jerky though.

Show Floor
Show Floor

We’re trying to let as many people as we can know about the Sportsmen for McCain rally in Oley, PA next Sunday at the Pike Township Sportsmen’s Assocation.  McCain and Palin are also appearing at a Road to Victory Rally at Lehigh University‘s Stabler Hall this Wednesday October 8th, at 10:30AM.  They are handing out tickets at Westgate Mall in Bethlehem.

We literally can’t get enough McCain/Palin yard signs.  We’ve handed out several dozen already.  Technically speaking, the ticket is not yet endorsed by NRA yet, but we’ve made the decision to put out his stuff, because that’s what people are asking for.

One candidate we’re also working hard to spread the word about is Tom Corbett.  Our Attorney General does not have the name recognition among sportsmen that other candidates do, but we’re trying to get his name and record out there.  His opponent wants to use the Office of the Attorney General here in Pennsylvania to pick fights with gun owners in the commonwealth.  After this show ends, Bitter and I are going to get out and put our remaining Manion and Corbett signs up on public roads so his name gets out there.

2 thoughts on “We’re Campaigning Here in Allentown”

  1. I was visiting a police officer at yesterday’s football game and he was telling me that if Obama gets in we can expect crime to rise to an all time high! It’s really serious business regarding this election. I am proud of what you guys are doing.

  2. Dammit Sebastian!!!! I was in Phoenixville all weekend shooting my air rifles at squirrels and apples. If you’d have told me that you’d be in Allentown, I would have showed up!!!

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