Another Gun Control Group Goes TU

Joe tells us that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is, for the most part, politically dead.  Seems they had a little cash flow problem.  Maybe they need to give Paulson a call.

4 Responses to “Another Gun Control Group Goes TU”

  1. Steve says:

    They won’t be missed.

    And has anbody else noticed that went from multiple posts per day to a couple of posts per week? Has the Joyce foundation cut their funding for FSA?

  2. Guav says:

    It’s so shocking to me that that all these gun control organizations have such serious funding problems, you know, since they always assure us that 99.9% of Americans want more gun control.

  3. Carl in Chicago says:

    This is pleasant news to me. I too wish for gun violence to be reduced. Yet the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was less concerned about stopping violence and more concerned about stopping guns (infringing on a fundamental, constitutionally enumerated civil right).

    There is a place for working to stop gun violence … and especially illegal gun violence. But there is no place for working to take away people’s rights and freedoms.

  4. Mark says:

    On the surface this is great news. But this could also mean all the funds that are usually spent on these groups are now being spent on electing 0. Once he is elected these groups become inconsequential, as the true gun control group will be in office getting it’s directions from Joyce and their ilk.