Mexican Gang Wars

SayUncle is correct to point out that machine guns are just as illegal here as they are in Mexico, yet they keep blaming American gun laws for violence in Mexico.   This is ridiculous, but it is a response to something ridiculous that our government is doing.

The War on Drugs has already ruined Colombia.  It seems it may ruin Mexico too.  In short, we’re bitching at the Mexicans because they aren’t doing enough to stop the flow of drugs into the United States, and the Mexicans are bitching at us because we’re not doing enough to stop the flow of guns into their country.

Both governments need to start facing reality that where there’s demand, the is always going to be someone willing to be there with the supply, and that market is guaranteed to be violent, no matter what laws you pass.

2 Responses to “Mexican Gang Wars”

  1. Itsamyth says:

    If there are full auto AK-47’s it’s a sure bet they are not coming from the US. Perhaps they want to look a bit further south say Columbia. Drugs and Firepower are produce there. But of course the anti’s know they are loosing so lets blame the honest gun owners in the USA.

  2. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    I saw a similar article some months back. It was in the Washington Times (which now has a payment wall up), but here it is in full on another website (that took a bit of work to find).


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