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Look at this steaming pile of merda equi (I have to thank Xlrq for that one):

At the same time, the gun issue is losing its potency. Sure, the National Rifle Association is running television ads implying that Obama wants to take away hunting guns, but that attack is weakened by the recent success of the gun lobby at the Supreme Court. In June, the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment guarantees a private right to bear arms—a decision Obama promptly embraced. Such a backdrop makes the scare tactics less likely to stick.

That’s good news for conservation because the emphasis on the gun issue creates lousy politics for hunters and anglers. In 2004, Field and Stream columnist George Reiger pointed out that the gun lobby’s almost exclusive focus on the Second Amendment meant that hunters could “end up with a closet full of guns with no place but a shooting range to use them.”

Did Andrew Rotherham write this, or did Ray Schoenke?  If it’s losing its potency, why is the Obama campaign threatning to shut down broadcasters who run NRA ads opposing his candidacy, and exposing his horrible record on guns?  If this is true, it shouldn’t be any problem.  The gun issue has lost its potency right?

Obama can thank God for a lousy economy, because he was fast on his way to losing the election because of his stance on guns.  He may yet still lose.

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