Challenges Mount

First, Obama is shown as being up seven points in Pennsylvania.  The problem with this state is you have a lot of Democrats.  Now, these are conservative, Catholic Democrats, but they view the Democrats as sticking up for the little guy.  They are willing to vote against Democrats because of guns, abortion or any number of issues, but if the economy is in the crapper, they run home to mama.  That’s the problem we face now.

On top of that, we have Bruce Springsteen doing a free concert to drive voter registration in Philadelphia.  Philly voter registration is progressing apace from what I’ve heard.  That could end up being nearly a million votes in the bank for Obama.  That’s a hell of a lot of votes the O-man can count on heading into November.  Sixty percent of all newly registered voters are voting Democrat.  This is one area The Republicans can’t compete with the Democrats on.

And I still can’t get many volunteers willing to do anything to help avert disaster.  We’re in for some very dark days ahead of us if the Obama/Pelosi Democrats are allowed to dominate our government.  There’s no reason this has to come to pass.

UPDATE: Quinnipiac poll shows Obama up 15 points.  Well, it was fun being a battleground state.  Someone FedEX me some hope, because I’m losing it rapidly.

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