Challenge to Pittsburgh’s Anti-Gun Zoning Law

This looks pretty clearly to be a violation of preemption:

On Thursday, October 2, at 10:00am, Peter Georgiades, a Second Amendment rights attorney, will be challenging the legality of a recently enacted provision in the Pittsburgh zoning code.  This provision restricts “gun-related businesses” from being established within city limits, even if the lot is zoned for commercial use.  This provision only applies to businesses that are in any way involved with the “sale” of firearms.  This is another blatant attack on the firearm industry and Pennsylvania’s law-abiding citizens.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, this will probably be pretty interesting to attend.

One thought on “Challenge to Pittsburgh’s Anti-Gun Zoning Law”

  1. My gun collecting and hunting family comes from Johnstown. We appreciate our freedom to buy rifles and shoot at our local gun club with our kids. I love my annual hunting trip in the woods and being able to enjoy the freedom. I and many of my voting family members were going to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket until I heard one of my local police officers talk about how Senator Biden orginally wrote the assualt weapon ban. Obam and Biden also voted to ban all hunting ammo and potentially increase firearm taxes by 500%. This is no lie and it can all be verified by doing an internet google gun ban Obama search. Before you vote in the next few weeks, please take the time and research this issue. Obama and Biden do not care about your freedoms so if they win we lose! Defend our freedoms by voting against Obama. A defeated Obama/Biden ticket is a win win solution for America’s freedom and liberties.

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