Dividing Coal Miners?

The AFL-CIO is taking NRA to task for trying to divide good working coal miners from Barack Obama.  One wonders what AFL-CIO’s position is on Joe Biden talking out of both sides of his mouth about clean coal.  When the chips are down, do the United Mine Workers really believe Obama will stand with them over the environmental lobby?  If they do, I have a bank in New York to sell them.

3 Responses to “Dividing Coal Miners?”

  1. I’ve already said WV coal miners are gonna be split over Second Amendment issues (mostly against Obama I believe.) I come from a mining family (for real, not like Joe Biden) and nobody I know in the coal industry would trust Obama/Biden on either guns or environmental issues. Splitting them even further by insinuating a threat to their jobs… that’s just poor politics. The thing is, in WV at least, the UMWA is basically in bed with the coal industry itself. Sure, they sabotage it when they get the chance (that’s what unions do), but in non-election years they fight for increasing the size, scope and power of the coal industry, against environmental concerns. So even the unions, who are basically required to be democrat shills, face some cognitive dissonance.

  2. Jacob says:

    United Mine Workers is the union which represents the employees at Remington.

  3. Laughingdog says:


    Didn’t you know that the unions have sole ownership over the minds of their members? Clearly, members of unions aren’t allowed to hear multiple sides of an issue, nor are Republican candidates allowed to even consider approaching them.