The Union Machine Fights Back

Unions leaders have been pretty upset at the gun issue pulling votes away from Democratic candidates.  But rather than push the party to embrace gun rights, they’ve decided to try to pull the wool over the eyes of their membership.

Now apparently they are trying to make a stink over the fact that some of their members talked to an NRA film crew, and said bad things about The Chosen One.

The United Mine Workers will call for the stoppage at Consol’s Blacksville No. 2 mine next week, union President Cecil Roberts said Monday at a news conference with representatives of Obama’s West Virginia campaign in Charleston.

Apparently it’s an unpaid stoppage too, per their contact.  Apparently there’s no depth to which union leaders will sink to fool their members into believing Barack Obama is anything other than a gun banner.

3 thoughts on “The Union Machine Fights Back”

  1. joated: you’d be surprised…

    I grew up fifteen minutes from that particular coal mine. My dad used to work there. My granddad used to sit on the UMW board. Union support runs deep in these areas. But so does individual liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. I predict the union vote in WV is going to be nearly evenly split.

    I am personally offended that the union is using their power to push members towards voting for someone who will limit their rights. I understand why they believe Obama will be good for unions. He will be. But the unions are (per their normal MO) being dishonest about matters not relevant to the union itself. If they want to tell UMW members that they’ll make more money and get more time off (assuming they still have jobs) that’s fine. But to assume that coal miners are dumb enough to trust Barack Obama on with their Second Amendment rights… well that’s just lunacy. Unfortunately, most of this particular demographic are not one-issue-second-amendment voters. That is why their vote will be split.

  2. This union business is all sooo 1930s. Let’s see, now: how can we connect thee? Let me count the ways.

    NRA = right-wing = Republican = mine owners = capitalist big-wigs = opressors of the masses.

    No, it couldn’t be that many labor unions and the Democrat Party derive mutual power from each other, thus keeping the union hierarchy in the “do – re – mi” (to employ an anachronistc term).

    Cue Pete Seeger. Cue the IWW. Solidarity forever!

    Traditional labor unions: Stuck in the past; stuck on stupid.

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