3 thoughts on “Keep the Change”

  1. I was at a Denny’s once late at night when I saw two kids pull a dine and dash. (We were in adjacent booths near the front entrance at the time.) I also knew that there were four police officers sitting and eating at a table in the back room at that very moment, so I quickly went back there to tell them what I had just seen. All four of these police officers then got right up and rushed outside, and soon afterward, they had both of those kids in handcuffs and back inside the Denny’s to let the waitress know what they were trying to do. They were both eventually hauled away in a patrol car.

    It’s too bad that something like this didn’t happen to those Obama campaign people after they did their dine and dash. If I were the owner of the cafe in question, I would’ve called the cops by now, instead of just giving a quote to some reporter and seeming so unfazed by it, which seems to be the only reaction from the owner in this story so far.

  2. “One man said he only had $10”

    What, and he couldn’t throw that $10 in to help pay? If he did that, maybe the restaurant owners wouldn’t have cared about the other $10!

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