House Passes DC Gun Bill

The house has passed the Childers amendment.

UPDATE: Here’s the NRA release.

8 Responses to “House Passes DC Gun Bill”

  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    I think it’s a good thing to make the blue dog stand up and be counted. But there where court cases in the works that this will squash, not sure if that is a good thing.

  2. Sebastian says:

    It’s always better to accomplish things legislatively if you can. The Courts are risky, especially with DC revising it’s laws the way they are.

  3. Man I hope this goes all the way……

  4. Texas Mike says:

    Eleanor Holmes Norton and Carol Schwartz remind me of my 2-year-old when she doesn’t get what she wants. All are examples of would-be tyrants being reminded that they cannot force their every desire on others. They get all out of sorts when someone corrects their bad behavior.

  5. 1911aficionado says:

    Wasn’t it some type of a 1911 pistol that Dick Heller wanted to legally register in DC to start with? If so, then perhaps he will soon be able to do just that, and those gun-haters who run the DC city government won’t be able to get away with so ridiculously calling it a “machine gun” this time.

  6. Sebastian says:

    He owns one, but the original court case was based on wanting to register a .38 revolver I think. I’ve also heard it was a .22 revolver. I’m not sure which one was correct.

  7. kaveman308 says:

    Regarldless of what type of handguns Heller has, the SCOTUS ruled that DC must allow him to register HIS HANDGUN. It said nothing about only allowing revolvers.

    I personally find it sad that we need 6691 in the first place. DC should have followed the law of the land all by themselves without having to get spanked by Congress, not that I’m not enjoying the show however.

  8. Jake says:

    Mad Saint Jack:
    I doubt that this will derail anything. The Senate is controlled by Democrats, and the last thing they want is for this to come up where the Obamassiah would be in a position of voting on it. They’ll do everything they can to bury it, and the “President pro tempore” (i.e. the democrat in charge) will make sure it dies in committee.

    It would have a better chance if Cheney would do his d@mn job, though.