An Open Request to Ruth Ann Minner

Dear Governor,

If you’re going to charge $2.00 to drive through the 20 miles of I95 that span the State of Delaware, it would be nice to ensure the road is clear of ice, and the Delaware Service Station has an ample supply of gasoline and has walkways mostly clear of ice.


An Annoying Pennsylvanian

2 thoughts on “An Open Request to Ruth Ann Minner”

  1. You have inspired me to send a open letter to Mayo Daly of Chicago on their toll roads. Go through there to get to Michigan to see wifes family. $1.50 and the highway reminds me of Bosian on a good day. Sadly I was informed it has been like that for the past 20 years or so.

  2. When my wife and I were driving in/through Chicago, I couldn’t believe how many tolls there were. There were also these huge floral arrangements on the sides of the highways, as if to somehow appease us and make us feel like we were getting something for our toll payments. They just made me way more angry though because I felt like my money was being wasted on flowers.

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