Thank You

Last night Bitter and I had the honor of attending the President’s Reception.  My iPhone camera isn’t the greatest, but I managed to snap a couple of blurry photos.  One of them is President Sigler thanking Alan Gura for his work on the case, the other is of David Young with his book marked up with all the citations that he’s gotten on the various court cases, including Heller.  Alan Gura said I should promote David’s book, and I couldn’t agree more.  They are:

We owe a great deal of gratitude to David, and to all attorneys and scholars who were recognized by President Sigler.  Without them, we would not have had victory in Heller.

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  1. And a thank you to Sebastian for linking to my books and posting the pictures. Considering the equipment the pictures turned out quite well. (They are clickable to enlarge.)

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