Bryan Miller Lambasting Pat Murphy

Looks like the anti-gunners might be getting upset with Pat Murphy.  Either that or Bryan Miller is behind on his marching orders.  See this Philadelphia Inquirer news roundup, and scroll down to “Under the Gun”:

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, whose Bucks County district includes a sliver of Northeast Philadelphia, is taking flak from gun-control groups for his support of a bill loosening gun regulations in the District of Columbia.


Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ, expresses outrage. “As I understand it, Murphy is joined at the hip to [U.S. Rep.] John Murtha, and Murtha is a tied-at-the-hip NRA [National Rifle Association] guy,” Miller said. “I don’t see any other reason why a suburban Philadelphia Democrat, with Philadelphia going through the horrible throes of gun violence, would sign onto a bill making the availability of guns so much greater in D.C. I think, frankly, [Murphy] should be ashamed of himself.”

So by Bryan’s logic, since he hangs around Murtha a lot, surely he must be pro-gun right?  That’s not entirely true.  He is a supporter of Congresswoman McCarthy’s ban on most semi-automatic firearms, and never signed on to a Congressional Amicus brief to end the ban.  It’s hardly surprising that Congressman Murphy, close to an election, is signing onto pro-gun bills in an effort to placate Bucks County’s numerous gun owners, hunters, and shooters.  If this represents a turnaround on behalf of the Congressman, I welcome that, but until he takes his name off McCarthy’s bill, forgive me if I suggest Bryan Miller has no clue what he’s talking about when he tries to paint Patrick Murphy as too pro-gun.

I suspect, though, that the Brady Campaign is probably wondering what they are getting for their 5000 donation to Congressman Murphy in the last election.

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  1. Murphy is not getting my vote no matter how much he temporarily maneuvers into the right side. VOTE MANION.

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