Chicken Little

Anti-gun folks continue to pronounce that the sky is falling because of Heller.  I have to admit, it’s fun to watch.

8 Responses to “Chicken Little”

  1. Flash Gordon says:

    Wow. I knew people in S.F. were strange, but I didn’t think they were this wacked out. This wasn’t just an obscure blog post, but was apparently a regular column in the Chronicle.

  2. RedneckInNY says:

    I wonder what the San Fransiscans will be crying when the next Mega-Quake hits their area and they sink into the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Murdoc says:

    Reading his bio on his SFGate archive page is a riot.

    If you wrote a character based on his bio and put it in a movie, you’d be criticized for using a simplistic stereotype caricature.

  4. B Smith says:

    Nope. Couldn’t even get halfway through. My tolerance for guys like this is just GONE. You could shower him with logic and reason ’til the proverbial cows come home, and he just refuses to see. Why waste what short time I have left on this Bozo?
    Noting that he lives in an area prone to earthquakes, and on the coast, where crime is already sky-high, I hope the next disaster (quake, tsunami, terrorist attack), if it doesn’t kill him, might at least open his eyes to the brutality and opportunism of the criminals in his city. He hasn’t learned a thing from New Orleans (except that mean ol’ Bush won’t come and bail him out).

  5. J T Bolt says:


  6. 6Kings says:

    He plays to the BDS crowd that exists in Cali. Nothing more than a pseudo-journalist trying to make a name for himself.

  7. Ken says:

    This is the same guy who defended child pornography and condemned John Ashcroft for cracking down on the same. It’s pretty obvious why he wants gun control–he doesn’t want parents packing when he comes into their home to molest their little boys. Hopefully some father will splatter him as he deserves.

  8. tal says:

    i have a little fantasy- drunk drivers seem to kill hard working single mothers with three jobs. why can’t they find this guy?