The Fat Kid in the School Cafeteria

Why do I get the feeling that Ray Schoenke at the Democratic National Convention is the fat kid in the school cafeteria that no one wants to sit with.  And for good reason:

Schoenke is in Denver this week making the rounds. He mingled with fellow sportsmen at Wednesday afternoon’s briefing with the National Wildlife Federation at the Curtis Hotel and admitted that his big idea — that a pro-conservation gun rights group can supplant the NRA — remains a tough sell to Democrats who’ve seen the fury of NRA members at the ballot box.

“The NRA is a formidable opponent, and people are concerned about that,” Schoenke said.

“The reaction is positive, but the idea is still new.”

Yeah, Ray, because we’re not stupid, and neither are most Democrats.  Maybe you could get traction if you weren’t, you know, a gun control group.  And where’s your outrage that your fellow Democrats arrested a hunter?  Schoenke and American Hunters and Shooters Association is more interested in selling the Democrats on his false flag operation than he is in sticking up for actual hunters.  That should tell you something.