Denver Hunter Needs to Be an Election Issue

The Republicans, if they are smart, will make an election issue out of the hunter arrested at Pelosi’s hotel at the Democratic National Convention.  Especially with these guys running around.  Hunters need to understand that gun control is absolutely a threat to them, as this incident pretty clearly demonstrates.  What are hunters more concerned about, do think, global warming, or ended up in jail and with charges because they drove through the wrong jurisdiction?

If I were NRA, I’d canvas Colorado and other hunting states pointing out this incident, and pointing out that Pelosi’s reaction showed no concerned for a hunter caught up in a legal technicality.

16 thoughts on “Denver Hunter Needs to Be an Election Issue”

  1. He apologized???? For what?? What are his charges? P.C.9999-White dude with locked up guns?

  2. That’s a crazy thought, to me. In a state with so much wide open space and wilderness, they hate guns. Too much Coors, I guess.

  3. It’s not being ignored. But you have to check these stories out. You don’t want to jump in to find out the guy was convicted of a felony years ago or something. If you’re going to make someone your poster boy, you need to make sure he’s clean. That’ll take time.

  4. If the guy was convicted of a felony he should have not passed the background check to buy a gun and if he had a felony he has since had his rights restored

  5. Not necessarily. NICS records aren’t all that complete, especially for DV type stuff. There are a lot of guys out there who are convicted felons and don’t even know it. They plead to some shit when they were 18 or 19, didn’t know it was a felony, and it ended up not getting into NICS.

  6. Or guys who were accused of DV and ended up pleading to lesser charges like disturbing the peace are still getting fugged by Lautenberg…

  7. “Police say Calanchini had permits for the rifles, but did not have concealed permits to carry two pistols that were found in his luggage. Calanchini says he forgot they were in there.”
    Sounds to me like he was arrested for the two handguns he carried in his luggage WITHOUT a CCW permit, NOT for the hunting rifles in a locked gun case. The story doesn’t say wether the handguns were locked up, not that it might matter without the CCW. At the least he’s guilty of being careless and stupid with the handguns (Yes, I own, but have no CCW and know not to carry), as well as oblivious to the situation he waltzed right into. Even as I drive my truck carrying guns safely and legally locked away, I’m VERY aware of my surroundings and where I’m headed.

  8. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a CCW to carry handguns in your luggage….just on your person.

  9. You generally don’t need a CCW to carry in a gun case. If the guns were loaded, then there might be a problem. These are the facts that will need to be determined. But most people aren’t as aware as people here are. Most people assume that the country has a profound lack of gun laws, because that’s what the media keeps telling them.

  10. “Police say Calanchini had permits for the rifles” What the heck? Permits for rifles? What are those Police smoking? You don’t need no stinking permits for a rifle. This is Colorado, not Chicago. Or am I wrong? Does Denver suck that much?

  11. As far as the handguns in the bag – it looks to me like you are only allowed to have a handgun on your own personal property such is in your own home or in a privately owned vehicle without a ccw permit unless you are engaged in hunting activities WITHIN Colorado (makes me wonder how exactly one goes into an airport in Colorado to check their handgun without a ccw permit? What a STUPID law!):

    Colorado Statute 18-12-204:
    (3) (a) A person who may lawfully possess a handgun may carry a handgun under the following circumstances without obtaining a permit and the handgun shall not be considered concealed:

    (I) The handgun is in the possession of a person who is in a private automobile or in some other private means of conveyance and who carries the handgun for a legal use, including self-defense; or

    (II) The handgun is in the possession of a person who is legally engaged in hunting activities within the state.

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