The Shoot House

Now that I am home, I might just have to price out how much it would cost to buy a bit of land, and construct my own 360 degree shoot house.  Sure, it’ll cost a good bit, but that’s the most fun I’ve had with a gun.  Here’s a video of Dave Hardy getting his run started:


Dave had a big shit eating grin on his face when he came out of the house, and said “That was fun!”  On my first run through it, I got that adrenaline going and ended up popping a hostage.  Second run I went through, shot it well, except for missing a target Todd had placed off to the side.  The more experienced USPSA shooters managed to get it find it, and so did people that had to do a reload in that room.  Caleb and I darted right by it.

4 thoughts on “The Shoot House”

  1. Wouldn’t the cheapest way to build a 360 shoot house be to put it underground?

    Has Caleb watched “Speed” to many times “Shoot the hostage”.

  2. Hey if you liked this stuff , you will LOVE IDPA! Shooting on the move, shooting from cover, and dealing with non-threats is great. This past weekend where I shoot IDPA in Charlotte they using swinging non-threat targets. A good approximation of a real life situation because I though it simulated well what would happen if you were in a crowded situation with lots of people panicking or scurrying for cover. I tell ya Sebastian , you need to shoot IDPA- It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

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