State Championships This Weekend

This weekend my club is hosting the NRA State Championships for Air Rifle and Air Pistol Silhouette, which I will be shooting in.  It’s going to be tough, becauase I ended up shooting a AA score a few nights ago and am now classified as AA, even though I’m normally in the A range.

Right now I’m shooting one of these.  It works fine for IHMSA in the production category, but there are a few things about it that are problematic.  For one, the trigger pull is brutal.  The pull is so long and rough, you probably ought to buy travel insurance for your finger.  I cleaned it up a bit by polishing the engagement surfaces, but it only helps a little bit.  Still, I think I need to learn to shoot well with a sloppy trigger.  Someone at the club last night showed me how to clean the trigger up, but doing so would put me in the unlimited category.

I’m thinking about getting one of these.  A lot of shooters seem to use them, and it also solves the problem of not having to worry about my CO2 running low and my shots dropping.  Our master shooter who uses the same gun I do, and can shoot much better than I, can compensate for that pretty well.  As a novice, it’s another variable that’s distracting me from the fundamentals.  Of course, I also don’t know how I feel about a Russian airgun knowing my money will be going to help The Bear maul infant Republics in their cradles.

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  1. I shoot one of these in 10 Meter air, and it’s a pretty solid all around gun. It’s a purpose built bullseye airgun, and you won’t be supporting the damn Russkies.

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