Right to Bear Arms by Minors

The ruling from Washington State Supreme Court yesterday which recognized the Second Amendment as incorporated, shows some promise when it comes to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as applied to minors. It would seem to me that it’s correct to say minors can’t be outright prohibited from possessing arms, but that states may require adult supervision of the possession.

5 thoughts on “Right to Bear Arms by Minors”

  1. If they are old enough to have unsupervised unprotected sex, they are old enough for guns. Sexually transmitted diseases kill more US citizens than guns.

  2. I like the cut of your jib there, dusty, but you make it sound like you’re volunteering for the supervisory position, and, man, that’s just wrong somehow.

    Isn’t it? [/checks Instructor credentials…]

  3. Sebastian:
    It should come down to the STATE level, and much of this smacks of thehackneyed:
    “Old enough to serve your country, but not old enough to buy yourself a beer” rhetoric.
    Responsible kids will handle guns (what else?) responsibly.

    Supervision should be implemented, as with the handling of ANY potentially dangerous item.

    Good post.

  4. I think the states can handle it just fine. As much as it offends my consistency seeking, persons below “adult” age have always had additional controls allowed, if not by the states then by parents with state implicit backing.

    The key is, like so many things, to not look to DC for help (as opposed to just getting out of the way) but to get on your state to change the laws you don’t like.

    In AK possession of a handgun at 16 without supervision is lawful, they can’t buy one private party until 18 but can get it gifted. Our open carry laws are age blind, concealed carry is restricted to “lawfully possessed and age 21” while OC is simply “lawfully possessed”.

    You can OC a loaded handgun in AK at 16 without adult supervision, which still gives me a shudder but it seems to be, as so many seemingly problematic gun issues end up being in reality, not an issue.

  5. I agree with the decision. Minors enjoy considerably lesser rights than adults in a wide range of areas, based on the simple fact that while there are responsible and sensible 17 year olds–they are definitely more the exception than the rule. (I speak from personal experience, both as a former 17 year old, and a parent of former 17 year olds.) This doesn’t mean that any law aimed at minors and guns is constitutional–but it is a far more limited right than enjoyed by adults.

    And the same is true with respect to abortion, sex, refusing to go to school, ignoring parental curfew, etc.

    I am also pleased to see one of my books cited in the decision!

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