It’s Obamariffic

Breda has an Obama ad up that’s just absolutely craptacular.  The very last bit, where the chick represents your brain on hope, was almost enough to make me lose my lunch, which is odd because I haven’t eaten lunch yet.  I don’t say this ad is bad just because I don’t agree with it.  I think it’s just bad.  This kind of dreck people will tire of quickly.  This won’t resonate with that much of the American public, who aren’t feeling to hopeful just because “Obama is here!”

In fact, people born before the end of the cold war should just find this absolutely scary.  Obama really needs to stop hiring folks who admire Soviet propiganda artists, and who have spent entirely too much time trying to save petting zoos.  Honestly, it’s a testament to how bad our choices are that this guy isn’t getting clobbered.

UPDATE: Bruce has a good one too.

5 thoughts on “It’s Obamariffic”

  1. I love how they’re pushing “Hope” as is if is, in and of itself, enough to make the country and the world a better place. Is that all we need? Hope? Wow, I guess I just haven’t been hoping enough.

    How about “ideas”, “execution” and “follow-through”?

    I guess I’ve been wrong all these years, and now I will only hope that something happens.

  2. Obama is nothing more than the human embodiment of a Rorschach test… Part black, part white, and standing for nothing but what the viewer sees in it.

  3. The strange thing I found about the Obama ad was that they never say what they are hoping for. A pony? A unicorn? World domination?

    I love the look on girl’s face in the “I got it from her” bit. She looks like she really regrets whatever she agreed to that gave him hope.

    I had hope last year that the Surge would work. I no longer have that hope, because, you know, the Surge worked.

    Recently, Obama gave me hope that he would self-destruct. This hope replaced a dread I had been feeling that Obama would be successful.

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